The best places to visit in the Algarve.



Tavira is one of the most delightful and architecturally-attractive cities in the Algarve.

Cobbled streets and airy squares that has retained the feel of a traditional Algarve fishing town. The river Gilão that runs through the centre of the city adds to the general charm. It is lined with elegant houses displaying the distinctive Tavira pyramidal roofs and is straddled by an ancient bridge, allegedly of Roman origin, that can best be observed from the central Praça da República square.

The nearby riverside Mercado da Ribeira, the 19th century wrought-iron building that housed the former main market, is another pleasant area in which to browse around the shops or enjoy a meal or drink in one of its various restaurants and bars - a perfect opportunity to sit down and enjoy the local specialities, tuna cooked in a tomato and onion sauce.

You can appreciate the natural beauty of the Ria Formosa estuary, a wide expanse of canals, marshlands and sand banks that provide shelter to numerous species of migrating birds. Boats departing from Tavira provide scenic trips around these peaceful waters.
Ilha de Tavira, the beach closest to the city, is situated on the busiest eastern side of Ilha de Tavira island . provides a wonderful opportunity to admire the natural landscape and observe the thousands of local crabs that scurry across the mud banks. More isolated beaches lie to the west of Ilha de Tavira island or eastwards on the neighbouring Ilha de Cabanas island.